Are you looking for a unique picture frame?

Picture frames: What better way  to decorate your home or office? Maybe you're looking for a great wedding or baby shower gift. Photo frames have been in use since time immemorial as items of home and office décor. Imagine a house or office with nothing to adorn the walls. Photo frames, wedding picture frames and picture frame sets offer unique ways of giving a personal touch. Picture frames also offer the perfect way of preserving and displaying memories that have sentimental value. The only thing that can protect your precious memories from the ravages of time is correct framing.


Play Step Frames™

Stepframe™ picture frames: A unique offering.  If you are looking for the perfect picture frame, you just have to check out our selection of distinct styles and colors.

The distinctiveness of Stepframes™ lies in the fact that they not only preserve the most precious moments captured on film but also provide an easy way of grouping multiple pictures together. Stepframes™ are actually triple picture frames. These picture frame sets are made from high-quality, high-end solid wood and can hold three 5x7 photos, either horizontally or vertically. Stepframes™ allow you to not only create unique picture frame sets, we also help you fashion inimitable picture frame collages.


Offering design and functionality, these frames can be easily hung on the wall. While triple picture frames look amazing on a stair wall, they can be used on any wall space to create the look you desire. You get saw-tooth hangers along with the Stepframes™, though these are not pre-mounted. The main benefit of our patented Stepframes™ is that you need not worry about alignment or correct spacing. Moreover, hanging our Stepframe™ picture frame is as effortless as hanging one picture frame. A Stepframe™ also offers a unique gift idea for any occasion - a baby shower, wedding, house-warming or a graduation. A gift for all occasions!


We also offer single photo frames that are adaptable. They can hold pictures of two different sizes. You can choose to keep the matte for a smaller photo and remove it to hold a bigger picture. We offer single frames made of wood, which are then hand finished. The various available finishes include Bentley Mahogany, Posatano, Sierra Gold, Sierra Silver and more. Single frames are available in all standard sizes.

Custom Order Stepframes™

These Stepframes™ are custom orders. We will do our best so that you can "Have it Your Way"!
Starting from raw wood, these stepframes can be finished off in your choice of molding, matte colors and finishes. Different size openings are also available. 8x8 or 8x10 openings can be made to hold up to four of your favorite pictures.
Contact us to discuss options and prices.

This Stepframe™ has a matte black finish with a glossy blacklip, giving its "Black Tuxedo" look.

  • Approximate dimensions: 
    32"W x 33"H x 3/4"D
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Hardware: Mounted and In Place
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This Stepframe™ holds 3 - 8x10 photos and was made with a black wood molding. The inner portion is hand-guilded with finished corners in an Antique Old World Gold.

  • Approximate Dimensions:
    32"W x 38"H x 1"D
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Hardware: Mounted and in place

Other molding choices are available but only two are shown at this time.

Contact us to discuss options and prices.


Customizing your Stepframe™ picture frames


If you want to have a say in each aspect of your photo frame requirements, we can offer you just the ways to do so. Beginning from the raw wood finish, Stepframes™ can be finished in terms of your preferences. Whether it is the molding or the colors, matte and finishes of the picture frame sets, you can choose something that matches the décor of your office or home. You also have the option of selecting the size of the frame according to your preference. In order to hold up to four of your favorite pictures, 8x8 or 8x10 openings can be made. Additionally, you can arrange two or more Stepframes™ and create your own stunning designs, even a picture frames collage. Creative and beautiful, create your own style statement.