Q: What do I need to do to change my pictures from displaying vertically to horizontally?
A: Simply remove the backing. The matte is finished off on both sides. Flip the matte over and put it back in its place. Then continue on and insert your new pictures as before.

Play Step Frames

Q: Does the stepframe have glass over the pictures?
No, we found that a clear, acrylic face works best for your safety.


Q: What size pictures does the Stepframe hold?
A: Right now, it holds 5x7 pictures. In the future, we may offer both 4x6 and 8x10 openings.


Q: Will you be offering the frame or mattes in any other colors or styles?
A: Yes, we plan on adding to our product line in the future. We also entertain any suggestions or ideas from our customers and try to accommodate them in any way possible. If you join our Mailing List, we can notify you, in advance, with what's coming soon.


Q: What's it like to hang up one of your picture frames? If I put it on my staircase, does it go up the angle of my steps or is it going to look weird or off-balance?
A: Hanging our stepframe picture frame is as easy as hanging one picture frame. Saw-tooth hangers are included, but are not pre-mounted. One of the features of this stepframe is that you don't have to individually hang three pictures up one at a time and worry about its being aligned or spaced apart correctly. It was designed to go up your staircase at the perfect pitch.


Q: Is this stepframe only meant for your steps?
A: No, actually this frame can be put on any open wall space. You can also group two or more together to create your own designs.


Q: When will you be getting more of the White and Mahogany frames in stock?
A: These frames have been very popular. We have currently placed an order for the White and Mahogany frames and we expect to have them available sometime in March. Please contact us if you would like to pre-order or be notified when they become available.


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